Terms of Use

15th June 2023 release

SEM de Val Cenis (Val Cenis ski area)
Public limited company of mixed economy with share capital of € 4,240,000
173, rue du Vieux Moulin - Lanslevillard - 73480 Val Cenis - France
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 05 96 48 - Email: info@valcenis.ski
Siret: 497 636 811 000 26 - APE: 4939 C - FR 32 497 636 811

  1. General

The acquisition of a lift pass implies knowledge and acceptance by the person (hereafter referred to as the "Customer") of all of the following general terms of sale and use, without prejudice to the usual remedies. If a provision of these terms were to be lacking, it would be considered as being governed by the practices in force in the ski lift sector for companies having their head office in France.

  1. Lift pass

The lift pass consists of a means on which a transport ticket is recorded and a duplicate on which the main characteristics of the ticket are mentioned. The passes can be used during the validity of the transport ticket according to the following methods:

  • The Haute Maurienne Vanoise annual passes allow unlimited skiing in Val Cenis and in the 5 other Haute Maurienne Vanoise ski areas (Aussois, Bessans, Bonneval-sur-Arc, Norma and Valfréjus). The 6 ski areas of Haute Maurienne Vanoise guarantee annual pass holders a minimum of 90 days of opening over a period from October 1 of the current year to September 30 of the following year. 

  • Lift passes for a duration of 6 days and more (excluding non-nominative passes, 6 afternoon lift passes and 6-day pedestrian passes) allow unlimited skiing in Val Cenis and one day in each of the 5 other ski areas of Haute Maurienne Vanoise previously quoted.

  • The 1 to 5 day lift passes, as well as the non-nominative 6 day and 6 afternoon lift passes allow you to ski only in the Val Cenis ski area.

  • The "Beginners Village 1300m" and "Beginners Village 1400m" passes only allow access to certain ski lifts in the Val Cenis ski area. Information relating to the ski lifts concerned is detailed in the prices displayed at the cash desk.

Lift passes are strictly nominative, non-transferable and non-refundable.

  1. Key cards

The lift passes are encoded on hands-free smart cards automatically detected by the control gates. If the customer does not have a rechargeable card, it is billed to him in addition to the price of his lift pass (including for free passes). The card can then be recharged at the cash desk or on the internet www.valcenis.ski.

This card has a lifespan of 3 years. The key card guarantee is only applicable under normal use and consists of the issuing of a new replacement card.
Pedestrian passes are issued on free, disposable, non-reusable hands-free cards, to be deposited at the point of sale in the ballot boxes provided for this purpose after use.

  1. Photography

 Pass holders are photographed by the control terminal during their first time through the turnstile. This photo serves as a reference for the controllers during subsequent visits by the holder of the pass.

The sale of annual passes is subject to the delivery or taking of a recent identity photograph, face-on, without sunglasses or headgear.

This photograph will be kept by the SEM de Val Cenis in its computer ticketing system, to facilitate any reloading or reissuing of the ticket, unless the Customer registers their refusal.

  1. Prices, reductions and free admission (children under 5 and adults over 75) or customer categories and prices

 All public sale prices for lift passes, tickets and materials are displayed in the points of sale. These prices are expressed in euros and include all taxes.

These are also listed on the website www.valcenis.com. Reductions or gratuities are offered to different categories of customers according to the terms available at points of sale and on presentation at the time of purchase of documents justifying the price advantage. No photocopies of supporting documents will be accepted. No reduction or gratuities will be issued once the purchase has been made. The determination of the Customer's age to be taken into account will be the one on the day on which the lift pass to be issued begins validity.

  1. Terms of payment

Payments are made in euros:
- by cheque drawn on a French bank account, made payable to the company SEM de Val Cenis
- in cash
- by credit or debit card

  1. Proof of sale

Each lift pass issued gives rise to the delivery of proof of sale on which the characteristics of the package appear (duration, customer category, etc.). This proof must be kept safely to be presented in support of any request or claim.

  1. Lift pass verification

The Customer must be in possession of their lift pass during the entire trip made on the ski lift, from the departure area to the arrival area. The absence of a lift pass, the use of an invalid lift pass or the non-compliance with the police regulations displayed at the start of the ski lifts, noted by a sworn controller, will be the subject of:

- either the payment of fixed-rate compensation extinguishing public action. This fixed compensation is equal to three times the value of the Val Cenis daily lift pass (Articles L342-15, R342-19 and R 342-20 of the Tourism Code, Articles 529-3 et seq. Of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Article L2241-36 of the Transport Code).

- or legal proceedings.

Sworn ticket inspectors may request the presentation of all documents justifying the price advantages granted to the holder of a reduced-rate or free pass. If the offender refuses or is unable to prove their identity, the sworn ticket inspector immediately reports to any judicial police officer of the national police or the national gendarmerie with territorial jurisdiction, who can then order them to present the offender to him immediately. This sworn ticket inspector may also proceed with the immediate withdrawal of the pass, with a view to returning it to its rightful holder.

  1. Loss / theft of the lift pass

In the event of loss or theft of a lift pass and on presentation of proof of purchase, subject to customary checks, a lift pass will be issued for the remaining period.
The reissue of the lift pass can be requested at one of the 6 points of sale in the ski area and is subject to payment of € 10 administrative fees per lost lift pass corresponding to the costs of finding and neutralizing the original lift pass (excluding cost of supplying new support). It may take up to an hour to search for, block the lost package and provide a new ticket.

  1. Interruption of ski lifts

  • Lift passes (1/2 day to 14 days)
    Only a complete stop of more than half a day of all the ski lifts in the ski area of Val Cenis can give rise to compensation for the Customer on presentation of their lift pass and a registered claim for compensation issued to the points of sale in the Val Cenis ski area.
    The supporting documents accompanied by the application form must be sent to the SEM de Val Cenis within 30 days.

This compensation can take the following forms, at the Customer's choice:
- either an immediate extension of the validity of the ticket.
- a credit note on a day pass basis to be used at the latest before the end of the following winter season.
- or a deferred reimbursement of an amount equal to the difference between the price of the lift pass paid by the Customer and the price of the lower lift pass in consecutive days.

  • Haute Maurienne Vanoise annual lift passes
    In all cases, only lift passes that have been purchased directly by the Customer from the SEM de Val Cenis may give rise to compensation by the SEM de Val Cenis. Otherwise, the Customer must refer to the General Terms of Sale of the entity that sold the pass. The period of validity of the Haute Maurienne Vanoise annual pass extends from October 1 of the current year to September 30 of the following year.

For valid Haute Maurienne Vanoise annual passes, specific terms of sale apply. They are displayed either at the ticket desk, on the website www.valcenis.ski or in the Customer’s order confirmation e-mail on the website of the SEM de Val Cenis.

  • Unused titles:

    • Relative to the annual Haute Maurienne Vanoise passes, they can be canceled free of charge until 05/12/2023.

    • For any request to cancel annual passes, please send a request by email to commande@valcenis.ski.

    • The customer will be reimbursed by credit card or bank transfer within 90 days of the cancellation request.

    • In the event that the transport tickets issued are not used after 05/12/2023, these will not be refunded or exchanged.

    • It is brought to the attention of the holders of the title of the possibility of coverage of this risk by specific insurance companies.

  •   Partially used titles

    • If the transport tickets issued are only partially used, they will not be refunded or exchanged.It is brought to the attention of the holders of the title of the possibility of coverage of this risk by specific insurance companies.

  • Interruption of ski lifts:

    • The opening guarantee consists of the opening of at least one resort among the 5 Haute Maurienne Vanoise alpine ski resorts (Valfréjus, La Norma, Aussois, Val-Cenis, Bonneval sur Arc) during the period from the 1st December 2023 to the 30th April 2024, up to a minimum period of 90 days, consecutive or not.

    • Only a total closure of the ski lifts to which the pass gives access, which does not make it possible to benefit from the opening guarantee, will result in compensation.

The amount of compensation will be calculated as follows:
D = P x (90 - J) / 90
D = Compensation P = Price paid J = Effective opening days
The Customer cannot claim any sum or service exceeding this fixed compensation.

  1. Right of withdrawal

In accordance with article L221-28 et seq. (Order No. 2016-301 of March 14, 2016), the right of withdrawal does not apply to leisure activities that must be provided at a specific time and to passenger transportation services.

  1. Refund

In the event that the lift passes issued are unused, partially or fully consumed, they will not be refunded or exchanged. Undated or non-consecutive day passes must be fully consumed during the current season, beyond this time they cannot be used without their reimbursement or a deferral of validity. It is possible to cover this type of risk with specific insurance. All information to this effect is to be requested at the sales desks.


  1. Complaints

All complaints must be addressed to the SEM de Val Cenis within 30 days of the occurrence of the event giving rise to the said complaint, without prejudice to the legal means and time limits for taking legal action, to the following address:
SEM de Val Cenis, 173, rue du Vieux Moulin, Lanslevillard, 73480 VAL CENIS, or by email to info@valcenis.ski

  1. Protection of personal data

All of the information requested by the SEM de Val Cenis for the issue of a lift pass is mandatory. If one or more mandatory details are missing, the lift pass cannot be issued. Certain data (postal address, e-mail, phone number) may also be requested from Customers by the SEM de Val Cenis, to allow the sending of commercial offers by the latter and its partner the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Tourist Office, in accordance with the terms provided for by the LCEN law of June 21, 2004.
Travel data is also collected for the purposes of managing ski lift access operations and ticket control. Data is also collected for statistical purposes.

  1. Translation and applicable law - dispute resolution

In the event that these general terms of sale and use are drawn up in several languages, it is explicitly understood that the French version of this document is the only fully authentic version. Consequently, in the event of difficulty in interpreting / applying any of the provisions of these general terms of sale and use, it is appropriate to refer specifically and exclusively to the French version. These general terms of sale and use are subject to both interpretation and their implementation by French law. Any disputes that may arise regarding the validity, interpretation, performance or non-performance, interruption or termination of this contract will be submitted to mediation. The parties to the contract remain free to accept or refuse recourse to mediation. The parties to the contract will appoint by mutual agreement a qualified, independent, neutral and impartial person.
The solution proposed by the mediator is not binding on the parties to the contract. In the absence of an amicable settlement, the dispute will be brought before the competent courts.

  1. Specific measures

  • Respect of health and hygiene measures

The SEM de Val Cenis has implemented specific measures in accordance with health and safety regulations and communicates the corresponding hygiene procedures. Customers are required to respect the applicable regulations and health and hygiene measures in place, which are subject to change according to evolution of the health situation e.g. Covid pass, health barrier measures…). For full details, please consult the Tourist Office’s website: www.valcenis.com.

  • Energy consumption restriction measures

In the current energy crisis context, French authorities may impose restrictive energy consumption measures that may impact the ski lift transport system and thus the service offered by the SEM de Val Cenis. If required, the SEM de Val Cenis commits to informing all Customers as soon as possible once details are received from the French authorities / energy suppliers as to the estimated impact on the ski lifts and ski area. In such an event, the measures detailed in article 10: Interruption of ski lifts will apply.